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Deep Memorial Public School, Uttar Pradesh

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Satara, Maharashtra, India

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About Deep Memorial Public School, Uttar Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh

Work is worship, (school motto); passion for excellence is the key principle and philosophy upon which the foundations of the school are laid. The driving force behind this passion was Ch. Deep Chand ji who realized the importance of education and its life changing impact on a person’s life, from darkness to light, from poverty to an ability of earn a decent living. He had sowed the seeds of building a school in his lifetime but due to his untimely demise he was unable to make it a reality. However, he had imparted and deeply embedded the passion for serving the community in his sons, Sh. Satya Prakash ji & Sh. Anand Prakash ji, who made his dreams a reality by establishing Deep Memorial Public School (DMPS) in his memory and continue his legacy of serving the community.

Ch. Deep Chand ji was first to be educated in his village and was driven by a desire to serve the community, underprivileged and backward by providing opportunities for education. With this in mind the school fees is kept to minimum but without compromising the quality of education and competitiveness of our students.


  • Nurture our students into good human beings.
  • Create good citizens and evoke feeling of patriotism in our generation.
  • Fabricate fine leaders to contribute in making India the next Super power.
  • Contribute to Globalization of India while preserving our culture. By integrating the best of Indian values with best of the western culture.
  • To meet these aims the school has a holistic perception of an all-round development of a child
  • A congenial environment is provided for nurturing students: physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and aesthetically
  • They are provided with unlimited opportunities to pursue their interests, be it academics, co-curricular or sports.
  • They are provided with unlimited opportunities to pursue their interests, be it academics, co-curricular or sports.
  • Children are taught to work together, to preserve and enhance natural environment and to become sensitive towards social issues.

Vision of the school is to transform students to become confident, contributing, well adjusted and responsible members of society; keeping in line with our school philosophy the school provides an environment for development of overall skills of the students in the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence - Academic excellence is important and necessary for students to achieve financial independence, be contributing members of the economy, and to have good self esteem. The academic activities are also supported through the Interact Club.
  • Non-Academic Excellence - Non-Academic Excellence for engaging with family, friends, and society at large in a meaningful way for maintaining, preserving and improving the fabric of civil society, now and future generations. The non-academic activities are also supported through the various clubs, swimming, shooting and table tennis clubs. Non academic aspects include:
  • Sports & Yoga - Sports and yoga activities are designed to increase interaction with other members of the society in a relatively less formal environment (than academic). School recognizes maintaining good physical and mental health is important because without good health even the most brilliant academic minds cannot fully contribute.
  • Social - Basis of getting things done and engaging with family and society lies in developing inter-personal skills, the school provides adequate formal and informal opportunities for students to develop this critical skill.
  • Family & Community - We all live with our families within our community, therefore, a stable, balanced and supportive household and community is necessary to achieve all the above aspects.

Our school symbol represents harmony and progress. A balance between work and play tradition and modernity, rights and responsibilities are critical for overall success. Above all empowerment of individuals and power of collective ability to work in a team are emphasized because teams always achieve more than individuals and individuals need both authority and responsibility to succeed.

Just like touch is to skin, sight is to eyes, sound to ear, smell to nose, taste to tongue, a set of values is necessary for the success of individuals and communities within which individuals function. The school seeks to embed within its students the following set of values for students to have qualities that will keep them grounded and will be the guiding force long after they have left school :

  • Confidence - Having self belief of achieving goals having set for themselves.
  • Leadership - Have the ability to inspire & motivate themselves.
  • Integrity - Choosing the correct path both in times of success and adversity.
  • Courage - Courage to stay on the correct path and to speak without fear against any injustice.




A good reading habit leads to a strong mind with broader horizons. As DMPS believes that a school library is an integral part of academic set-up, we have a huge double - storey, spacious, well-ventilated, well-equipped and updated library with a seating capacity of 50 students on each floor. The school library provides approximately 7,000 books of various fields including a wide range of fictions, non-fictions, reference books, textbooks, illustrated encyclopedias, Britannica, supplementary books prescribed by CBSE etc. In addition to all these latest collections, school library also subscribes more than 25 renowned magazines like Outlook, India Today alongwith esteemed and well-reputed newspapers like HT and Dainik Jagran which maintain childrens interest in supplementary knowledge on current affairs and development in the field of science and technology. It not only widens their thought process and enriches their knowledge but also helps them to survive and outshine in todays cut throat competitive world. We have set up class library for classes IV - VI and floor library for classes VII - XII.

Apart from imparting bookish knowledge we also focus on practicality of life. To provide exposure to practical aspect of life, the school library also organizes various activities and competitions round the year like book cover designing, book mark making, quizzes, poetry and newspaper making on various burning issues to develop childrens critical and creative thinking.

The quality of books and the rich variety of texts available is the hallmark of DMPS library.

Safety & Security

Campus Security

  • The campus is patrolled by guards round the clock
  • Every individual including the staff has to go through a Standard Security Check Procedure while entering or exiting through the Main Gate.
  • For safety, security and discipline, a security guard and watchmen do their duty inside the Hostel, sufficient guards remain vigilant outside the school throughout the day and night.

Health Care

  • A qualified nurse supervises infirmary round the clock.
  • Parent must provide full and correct information of the child in the admission form.
  • Parent who hides facts about a childs infirmity will do so at their own risk.
  • No child is permitted to keep any medicine with him/her.
  • If a child is under treatment the medicine and the prescription must be handed over to the class teacher.
  • Information to Parents about a childs health
  • Children must be treated for worms, lice and have a dental, eye & medical check up before they return to school at the end of every vacation.
  • Our School Laboratory

The Psychology Laboratory

  • The Psychology laboratory at DMPS facilitates students to conduct studies on theories of the discipline in a controlled environment while expanding the body of knowledge in the ever evolving field of psychology.
  • The Psychology lab serves the following objectives:
  • To help students to experience a unique learning environment to complement classroom discussions.
  • To offer space for students to conduct experiments, counselling, testing and observations.
  • To create an atmosphere of psychology at work fulfilling the main requirement of the subject.
  • The Computer Labs

In the age of IT, computers have become a necessity. To cater this need the school has set up three computer labs to deal with the young learners at three different levels -junior, senior and Senior Secondary. Students learn about computers through computers right from class I. Teachers lay more emphasis on practical implementation rather than theoretical knowledge. School Computer lab is adequately ventilated and well equipped with printers/scanner, LCD monitors and a smart board for making learning interactive and innovative alongwith Wi-Fi connectivity. All the systems are well equipped with latest software versions.

The Mathematics Lab

A place where mathematical thoughts of young minds flourish and put into action with the help of various modern methods and tools like audio - visual aids, mathematical tools, etc. The teachers lead the students from abstract nature of mathematics towards the practical aspects of life. The school is proud to set up the first mathematical lab in the area, when the concept was introduced by C.B.S.E.

Chemistry Lab

It is the most innovative corner of the school where students can experience the joy of learning. Our well equipped Chemistry lab helps children to keep up the fervour of scientific attitude alive and motivate them to try out hands on activities as a child learn more by doing than watching.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is a place where besides theoretical knowledge the students get exposure to scientific and electronic world. Our school has a well equipped Physics laboratory where children enjoy learning by experimenting, keenly observing and exploring new concepts. We focus on arousing and sustaining children's interest in the subject.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is a vibrant, and learner friendly corner of our school . Our spacious and well ventilated Bio lab is well equipped with charts, models specimens etc. It's a perfect utopia which gives birth to the biologist of tomorrow.


The boarding school attracts students from all over India. The school has hostel accommodation for approximately 200 children. Separate hostel accommodation is available for both boys and girls with separate wardens and staff. Residential areas of both students and staff have been designed to satisfy individual and collective needs. The large and well lit; airy dormitories are constructed to offer maximum comfort. Spacious, cheerful common rooms provide ideal spaces for students to relax, watch television, listen to music and play indoor games.

  • The students are under the guidance of the Hostel Wardens who help them in their all - round development.
  • Delicious and wholesome meals are prepared and served in extremely hygienic surroundings.
  • Hostel Recreation includes all facilities available in the school, including a T.V room. Supervised studies are conducted daily in an organised manner.
  • The students have access to the internet.
  • The students are allowed to go to their local guardians every second Saturday.
  • Students are also taken to theatres, films and other events in Delhi & N.C.R. Excursions and field trips are arranged from time to time.
  • In case of any health issues the students are taken to the best paediatrician of the area who is on the school panel.



Deep Memorial Public School, is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi.

The Curriculum comprises of the following:

  • Language and Effective Communication Skills
  • Mathematical Studies and Analytical Skills
  • Awareness of Historical Facts, Geographical Knowledge and Environmental Factors
  • Development of Scientific Temperament
  • Physical Education

Teaching Methodology

"We take great pride in taking raw talent and nurturing them into balanced- mature individuals".

Interactive classrooms with modern teaching aids/equipments viz. Smart Boards, Television sets, Computers and LCD Projectors with latest software make teaching-learning an enjoyable experience. The voice of the students is heard, respected and nurtured. The school offers a conducive environment to poor performing students. Each course of study is carefully planned and followed. Every possible effort is made, to recognize the significant factors of academic pursuit, maturing experience and enthusiasm to learn. The faculty pays attention to the students growth and progress. School emphasizes participation through discussions, presentations, project works and creative writing.

The school recognizes the importance of holistic education with equal emphasis on Academics, Physical Activities, and Creative and Artistic Endeavours.The school is reputed for excellence in Debates, Quizzing, Drama, Music, Dance, and Art & Craft. Through Spic Macay, the students are regularly exposed to Indian Classical Dance and Music performances which make them more aware of their heritage.

There is special focus on all the dimensions of teaching and learning, as follows:

  • A basic competence level is achieved by all the students in all the classes.
  • Remedial Teaching is planned for low achievers to ensure that no child is left behind.
  • Special Training is given to “High Achievers”. Their performance is evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively to achieve excellence.
  • The school strongly believes that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. To preserve this belief various sports are given utmost importance.

What is CCE?

The CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme refers to a school-based evaluation of students that covers all the aspects of a student's development. Continuous means regular assessments, frequent unit testing, analysis of learning gaps, applying corrective measures, retesting and giving feedback to teachers and students for their self-evaluation.

Comprehensive on the other hand attempts to cover both the scholastic and the co-scholastic aspects of a student's growth and development — with both these aspects of the evaluation process being assessed through Formative and Summative Assessments.

Objectives of CCE -

  • To help develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.
  • To lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasize memorization.
  • To make evaluation an integral part of teaching-learning process.
  • To use evaluation for improvement of students' achievement and teaching - learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instruction.
  • Use evaluation as a quality control device to maintain desired standard of performance.
  • To determine social utility, desirability or effectiveness of a programme and take appropriate decisions about the learner, the process of learning and the learning environment.
  • To make the process of teaching and learning a learner-centered activity

Infrastructure / Facilities

Hospital / Medical Facilities
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