Why Boarding Edu?

Is it difficult deciding which school to join?

Many of us are in such a dilemma at some point in our lives. Be it a preschool, school, or university, we all want to explore and find the educational institution to join. If you also wish to find answers to such questions, then you probably have reached the right place. Boarding Edu is the fastest growing portal for exploring Boarding/Residential Schools to join. You can find and explore your school in a lot of ways. Search for your school by the state, location, category, language/medium, board affiliation, and many more options only @boardingedu.com

Planning and realising a stay at a private school on your own involves a lot of work and uncertainty. As a specialised agency in the field, we advise you professionally on all your wishes and questions, so that you may feel confident in realising your ideas. Individual counselling before and during the stay is essential because the schools follow different aims and students want to know that their interests are in good hands. We are in regular contact with our partner schools and review their academic standards thoroughly. We know that your individual wishes, talents and interests will be taken into consideration. Only in this manner can the optimal fostering of your child be ascertained.

Who are we?

We are a passionate and growing community of individuals focused on researching and gathering information on educational institutions. Our humble mission is to provide the access to quality information on educational resources to the world. Inspiration has been a lot of our own personal challenges in accessing educational information. We hope that the knowledge available on this portal helps individuals in deciding and joining the right institution. Boarding Edu  is an initiative of Branchment Info Services (P) Ltd., a company specializing in building educational and technological resources.

A complete Guide

Well, we feel boardingedu.com is more than a search site. Yes, you would find that there are a lot of options to search a school on our site. You could possibly also get some information on schools from multiple sources on the net. However, our focus at boardingedu.com has been to go beyond the search capability. Firstly, we have tried our best to maintain a single comprehensive repository of updated educational information in one place, reducing the need to go to multiple places. Secondly, we give the direct ability for parents, students, and centers to participate and directly connect to each school. All of these are for FREE, and we hope that the information captured over a period of time will continually improve the quality of data and benefit our portal visitors.