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Jain Heritage Cambridge School, Hyderabad

Jain Heritage Cambridge School, HyderabadCall : +91 7061384672

R R District, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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About Jain Heritage Cambridge School, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


“Teaching your child to lead is one thing. Inspiring them to become a leader, quite another.” At Jain Heritage a Cambridge School, the best of academics is integrated with the best of other things! Jain Heritage a Cambridge School at Kondapur was established in 2009. Promoted and managed by The JGI Group, Jain Heritage believes in blending heritage values with hi-tech education.


To foster human development through education and entrepreneurship


To provide quality education from cradle to career thereby creating human assets To fuel economic growth by developing new generation entrepreneurs To create a globally networked community of leaders, technocrats, scientists, sportsmen and professionals To foster an ethical environment in which both spirit and skill will thrive based on human values to enrich the quality of life


Her.i.tage (her.ri-tej) A Journey through the past, Present and the future, encompassing not only various facets of education but exploring diverse areas of enrichment like Music, Culture, Arts and Sports.

JHCS Advantage

i.              Every Child is Unique

ii.             A Learner centric approach encompassing Child and the facilitator.

iii.            Our creativity arises from Multiple forms of Intelligences

iv.           We nurture and strengthen the talents that reflect these multiple forms of intelligences.

v.            Process learning, not only content learning.

vi.           Learning with fun.

vii.          Creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment.


Life of a student at J is quite exciting as each child is allowed learn at his /her own pace at all the levels. Learning is always beyond class rooms in JHCs as all the students fall under one particular House and participate in various curricular, co-curricular and Extra –Curricular activities.

JHCS offers various Hobby Clubs to motivate the students and teach them to utilize the leisure time productively through:

•             Cookery Club .

•             Techno Club ( Animation )

•             Literary Club .

•             Eco Club .

•             Science Club.

•             Math Club.

•             Dance Club.

•             Music Club.


A Sprawling two acre Play Ground with Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball ,Foot Ball and Cricket will help students develop their physical stamina along with value impartation among all the students as we believe that Sports ground teaches major values like sharing and caring ,acceptance, and Sports man Spirit. Apart from these out door Sports we also offer TT ,Taekwondo ,Carom and chess.

Skill Enrichment Program :

The year 2014-15 has seen the emergence of Skill enrichment programmes like Robotics for Grade IV-XII and Abacus for Grade I-III. The objective is to add additional skill to every child which helps him develop 21st C Skills like problem solving and Team Building. The School has established a Robotic Lab which gives Hands on Experience to all Students to develop Scientific temperament and research oriented approach.

Wall Magazines :

Students are productively engaged in collecting the data for monthly theme based Wall magazines with an objective to enhance their knowledge on various topic through research and also focuses on Team work, Time management and creativity!!.

Tailor made Academic Activities:

Academics at JHCS are unique with a blend of skills and concept enhancement among the students.PBL the project based learning as per CBSE norms is followed in middle school and above where as the Primary classes focus on activity based learning .The JHCS truly advocates the philosophy of National Curriculum Framework 2005 which stressed on the interests and experiences of children and hence devises the academic activities that best suits individual learners.Academics in JHCS are multi folded since we create a learner's model which Clarifies the vision and allows the students to identify their goal and gather data as learners.,there by create challenges to themselves. Students at JHCS generate ideas to answer the challenges.And are allowed to move from ideas to solutions. Finally a situation is created to formulate a plan to work out on the resources and actions to reach the accepted solutions. Thus JHCS focuses on Learner, Learning Process, Learning Experience and the Learning Situation to have strong foundation of academics as well as values among all students who step into the JHCS Campus. Differentiation model is yet another unique feature of our academics where every child’s learning levels are taken into consideration before proceeding further in completion of syllabus.Our conscious slogan is:”DO NOT TEACH CONTENT AT THE COST SKILLS”!


Being a Cambridge International Center the medium of instruction is English at all levels .However we do offer the regional Language Telugu as II as well as III Language, the other languages offered from Grade I to XII are Hindi and French. As per CBSE norms Grade I-III students are taught English ,one II Language (Hindi/French/Telugu) EVS, Mathematics .At Grade IV Social Science and Science are separated where as from Grade V-VIII an additional language as III Language is offered to all students, however once the student reaches Grade IX he/she has to learn only 5 subjects which excludes III Language.


A school curriculum is complete only when it focuses on three Hs. Head : Cognitive development, Heart : Affective development, Hands : Psychomotor development. The philosophy of JHCS is to give equal importance to all domains otherwise a complete human being can’t be formed. Keeping this basic philosophy in mind our curriculum is designed .The academic schedule speaks volumes about this philosophy implementation. Monday through Friday seven periods are allotted for academic development focusing on Cognitive development through various teaching methodologies like Group discussions, Peer Learning, Pair & share ,seminars & symposiums under the close mentoring of the experienced faculty ,and one hour of outdoor Sports activities are mandatory for all students from Grade I-XII to improve their Psychomotor development. Apart from this their Affective domain is taken care by organizing and involving them in various community services, fund rising activities, street plays, etc. Catching them Young being the essence of our philosophy we start focusing on all three Hs from Grade one onwards. At primary level the communication skills among students are developed by creating opportunity to address the audience in Morning Assembly either through article reading, poem recitation, News reading, thought for the Day, Quiz etc along with show and Tell talk shows which will be organized as a part of CCA . They also learn through Field trips.

Middle School Level:

Apart from the above opportunities these students are exposed to inter school literary competitions as well as Sports competitions and Excursions out of Hyderabad which will make them independent.

At High School Level:

the students get maximum exposure to enhance their skills through Guest Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Exchange programmes on line training and Practice tests.


As per CBSE norms the school follows CCE at all levels. There will be 5 formative assessments for Grade I-III apart from Concept check tests which will be Paper pen tests otherwise during Formative assessments skills and concepts are assessed rather than the content. Grade IV-X have 2 summative assessments one in September and one in March & 4 Formative assessments will be conducted in July/August/October/December

Learning Beyond Class rooms :

1,Meet the achiever.

2.Hobby Clubs.

3.Inter House & Intra House Competitions.

4.Wall Magazines.

5. Counseling Sessions.

6. Guest lectures.


8.Field trips.



11.Gavel International Club for Speech Craft by Toast masters.

Infrastructure / Facilities

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