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About Bodwell High School, Canada, British Columbia

Bodwell High School is a private co-educational boarding school offering grades 8 to 12, and university preparation.  Located in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Bodwell's campus overlooks the Burrard Inlet and the beautiful Vancouver skyline. Recognized as a leader among Canadian boarding schools, the school’s diverse student population of both local and international students makes it a rich and exciting place to learn, study, play, and build life long memories and friendships.

Bodwell is registered with and inspected by the Ministry of Education.  All Bodwell students who successfully complete our Grade 12 academic program will receive a Dogwood Diploma, a globally recognized certificate of graduation, issued by the province of British Columbia. Course credits obtained at Bodwell are transferred to a students’ home country for equivalence. Most of our students go on to seek postsecondary education in college or university after Bodwell, many with academic scholarships.

Why Bodwell High School

Beautiful Setting : Bodwell has state-of-the-art facilities located in North Vancouver, overlooking the stunning Vancouver Harbour and Burrard Inlet.

English Success : Bodwell's specialized Academic & English Preparation (AEP) program and trimester system aims for rapid achievement of English proficiency

Global Diversity : Bodwell features rich global diversity, with students from over 40 different countries around the world.

University Preparation : Bodwell's University Preparation Program challenge students academically and aims to place them in top North American schools.

Student Voice : Students can develop confidence and leadership by being elected into Student Parliament or selected as a House Captain.

Counselling Support : Bodwell's multilingual counsellors facilitate personal development, academic guidance, and university admissions.

Boarding Program : Bodwell's residences have breathtaking water or mountain views and feature an on-site pool, theatre, gym, tennis court, and music rooms.

Global Citizenship : Bodwell encourages students to make the world a better place through projects such as the Rafiki Link or Ecofest.


Bodwell's campus is completely modern, with facilities that include a multipurpose gym, indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a presentation theatre, music rooms, library, and computer rooms.  The cafeteria has been enlarged with a 2-storey high curtain wall, and a rooftop with a garden patio connected to the library. The entire school is equipped with wireless internet capabilities allowing for freedom of movement and access to information anywhere on campus.

Our on-site dormitory provides rooms with a view of the waterfront to the south and the breathtaking North Shore Mountains.  Healthy multicultural cuisine is provided in the cafeteria which is open seven days a week and throughout the year.  Students have the option of remaining on campus for vacation. Experienced supervisors oversee all academic and extracurricular schedules.


Building skills for student life, one step at a time.

Bodwell’s Boarding Program goes beyond a bed, room and meal plan, typical components of any boarding setting. Rather, we are a youth development program focused squarely on boarders’ self-improvement. We provide a safe, active, and inclusive living environment where students strengthen their life skills in order to succeed in school and mature into responsible global citizens.

At Bodwell, we believe that learning continues long after the end of the school day. While relaxation after class is indeed important, students’ time living here represents a priceless chance to get involved and to grow through everyday challenges. Our boarders gain structured experiences in order to practice self-reliance, prepare for post-secondary studies, and build a strong résumé for a future career. They find that the Boarding Program is a major part of their overall experience at Bodwell.


Young people from across the globe converge to form a community that strives for tolerance and understanding. Through the guidance of the dorm advisor team, students learn how to deal with differences and foster respect and friendship amongst each other.


Dorm life is structured and carefully supervised, yet allows students a good measure of independence. Supports for the mind, body, and spirit are always a dorm advisor away. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource and to participate in the frequent activities the advisors organize.


Life in a dorm is often a young’s person’s first experience with independence. As such, dorm advisors strive to teach students the fundamentals of growing into a successful, independent person. Dorm advisors themselves come from a range of professional backgrounds and readily impart their wisdom.


The safety of our students is always the number one priority of the Boarding program.  Bodwell's facilities are monitored and staffed around the clock, with recorded, electronically controlled entry / exit access, set curfew schedules, an on-call nurse, and a vigilant team of advisors with first aid training.


A challenging, comprehensive education

Whether in the regular program or our Academic English and Preparation Program, Bodwell uses a balanced approach to teaching, allowing students that are naturally inquisitive to explore a topic independently while others are taught through more direct, traditional means. This flexibility allows any student to find their unique style and pace for learning.  The rigorous curriculum is designed to challenge students, and Bodwell has high expectations and standards from which students are assessed. However, Bodwell offers support for students that keeps pace with the demands of their coursework, with study groups and individual tutoring.

Trimester system : A trimester system allows a students to begin at Bodwell in a September, January, or April term. This flexible system allows a student to complete one-and-a-half academic grades in a calendar year. Many students choose to continue their studies through the summer to complete high school and begin their university studies sooner.

Small class size : With smaller classes, students form an intimate, closely-knit and multicultural family. Bodwell limits each class to a maximum of 24 students, while the average number per class is 18. Academic and English Preparation classes are even smaller to promote enhanced focus on English mastery.

Experienced teachers : Many of our BC certified teachers and counsellors have taught and lived overseas, giving them the experience and expertise to guide and support a wide range of students and parents from different backgrounds. Each of our teachers mentors about 15 students, giving individualized support to students when they need it to ensure the best chance for success.

Active learning : The best way to achieve understanding of a subject is through active participation, where students take responsibility for their own mastery of ideas. Learning activities often include working with the local community, field trips to a wide range of locations, and hands-on experimentation.

Saturday Enrichment : On top of our academic classes from Monday to Friday, all students attend three hours of enrichment classes every Saturday morning and included in the report card. Each student enrols in a Saturday course each term in one of the following areas: English Enrichment, Global Citizenship, Career Exposure, Outdoor Education & Sports, New Media and Performing Arts.

Use of technology : Students at Bodwell have professional license access to Office365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Lynda.com. Smart Boards in numerous classrooms allow students to model and manipulate curricular concepts. Every student is also issued a standardized laptop to do research, collaborate, and participate in classroom activities.

Clubs / Activities : Students have a wide variety of clubs and activities to participate in.  All activities and clubs strive to be challenging and rewarding to students on a mental, physical, and / or social-emotional level.  They are a cornerstone in the development of the well-rounded graduates Bodwell aspires to send out to the post-secondary and professional world.

Outdoor inspiration : Students have easy access to numerous national and provincial parks. Students have opportunities to hike, bike, camp, fish, swim, sail, ski, and snowboard throughout the year. Students also participate in educational trips designed to supplement their classroom learning and allow them to see more of Canada.


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