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De Paul International Residential School

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Idukki, Kerala, India

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DPIRSK is a co-educational, fully residential English medium school. It focusses in offering a world-class education and nurturing a holistic development of its students by a curriculum that develops leadership instilling in them discipline, a sense









About De Paul International Residential School, Kerala

De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India is a co-educational, fully residential English medium school. It focusses in offering a world-class education and nurturing a holistic development of its students by a curriculum that develops leadership instilling in them discipline, a sense of dedication, unequivocal commitment to social service, quality of the human relationships throughout the community and above all, to be humane, in life and beyond the school.

Education at De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

Our co-ed full residential education is aimed at children from all the states of India and abroad. The School envisions an egalitarian and secular form welcoming students from every walk of life irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, religion and socio-economic backgrounds. It is therefore able to instruct India’s rich heritage, tradition and its bio-diverse history to its pupils. It aims to be a unique brand reaching beyond geographical boundaries by having a global reach with an international outlook. DPIRSK facilitates necessary environment to infuse a top of the class schooling by a combination of high-tech class room sessions and co-curricular programs.

Individual Attention at De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

The principle on which DPIRSK stands is extracted from its vision of giving undivided attention to its young scholars, which is a formidable task. The School offers a safe and secure environment with flexibility for individual growth to every student. In keeping with DPIRSK’s mission statement, the school admits limited number of students to each class to ensure individual attention which is important during the transitional period of student life. The class rooms are exclusively designed to accommodate 24 students per class. This arrangement structured along with curricular and co-curricular activities under the watchful eyes of teachers, wardens and staff balanced with an emphasis on values fosters self-reliance as the students grow and mature


Location:De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

The school ‘s beliefs of imparting education to growing minds necessitates provision of an ambience away from hustles of city life in an environment free of pollution and beneficial to scholastic nurturing. DPIRSK’s location is one of its kinds in entirety. The sprawling school campus, independent to its pursuits of an excellent education, is situated atop a small hillock surrounded by mountainous pasturelands in the primitive region of Idukki and the settings in the backdrop of a rural village. Geographical altitude, naturally regulated temperature, proximity to places of local educational significances, a plethora of natural habitat refreshing minds, a home to exceptional fauna – are strategic to the perennial growth of a child contributing to DPIRSK’s location.

Campus:De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

The School building compromising of ergonomically built Reception, classy Central building housing the school administration and classrooms adjoin the Dormitory, Kitchen, Dining and Auditorium. The glass adorned building imperative to a modern age concept adds mileage by the way its architecture stands out. The school has fully equipped laboratories, expansive sporting grounds, modish indoor playing rooms and other facilities par excellence. A walk into the expansive school campus amidst a local setting is exhilarating as is prestigious to preserving school brand.

Eco-friendly Environment :De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

The School aims to be self-reliant and ‘be green’. It believes in preserving fast depleting primary sources of energy and practices use of natural and non-conventional sources of energy. DPIRSK has successfully installed Solar Power system as an alternate to heating and cooking needs of the School. Additionally, a Biogas plant supplements the kitchen. An organic farm and a dairy cater to fresh dietary needs. A windmill installed in its premise is being experimented to generate sufficient power back up.

Sports & Programmes: De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

Sports play a vital role in upholding the spirit of the school in provision of a first class education. All age groups of students are allotted play time as they are scheduled to the school curriculum. DPIRSK provides ample opportunities to its students to exploit their potential via an extensive co-curricular program and is backed up by extensive playing fields and facilities. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports commensurate with their abilities and are coached to find their talent to become engaged in fostering teamwork.

Boarding at De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

There are exclusive hostel buildings for boys and girls adjacent to the school building. Each dormitory has a warden’s room and can accommodate 10-15 students. Each one is provided a single bed, a locker cabinet close to the bed for safe-keeping of personal belongings. Dormitory in DPIRSK has become ‘home’ for all the girls & boys. It is the place where children learn life skills and develop certain habits that help them to lead an independent life in the future.

The dorms are spacious and well-ventilated with attached toilets. These are well equipped with all the storage capacities such as clothes, shoes, books, toiletries etc. The single iron beds have well maintained gaps for any individual to more around. The landscape view from the windows adds aesthetic values and love for nature.

Medical Care: The School has a resident Nurse to take care of students. Daily check-ups and students needing timely medication is administrated with necessary medicines. The school has separate Infirmary for boys and girls. Apart from this, the School has Tie-up with Hospitals of repute for its emergency needs.

Security: DPIRSK strongly believes in individual safety and security. The School is bound to see that all its students have a sense of secureness within its campus. The school is committed to ensure it and takes necessary precaution. No one can enter without proper authorization and prior permission of the Principal. The students are completely under the care and security of Wardens, Teachers and Staff and the school has other measures in place which ensures tranquillity, peace and safety of its students in DPIRSK


Co-Curricular at De Paul International Resisdential School, Kerala, India

Clubs / Student Exchange Programme

Clubs for student form the backbone of schools. They provide students with many positive experiences, a platform to rightly utilise their energies, talents and qualities besides being a community of similar talents. These clubs are designed as groups cultivating human values among the students by organising games, activities and workshops in schools. DPIRSK organises the club to be run by its students and oversees that they develop a holistic approach. Some of the prominent clubs are:

  • Art Club
  • Craft Club
  • Literary club
  • Musical club
  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Dramatic Club
  • Photography

The School conducts student exchange programme with selected schools Domestic and Abroad. International exchange programmes are organised once in a year and domestic study tours twice a year. This Exchange program facilitates cross cultural learning experiences. The program deliberately encourages students to develop academically, socially and spiritually by living, learning and studying in a new and different environment from what they have experienced. Students benefit immensely from such exchange programs and tours as these induce confidence to meet new challenges.

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Sports Complex

Sports Complex



Hospital / Medical Facilities

Hospital / Medical Facilities

Wi-Fi Campus

Wi-Fi Campus

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