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Hilton College, South Africa

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Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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South Africa

About Hilton College, South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

Hilton College is, like many other schools, unique.  It has its own rhythm and its own flavour - indeed all schools do.  Hilton offers the intrigue of having stood the test of time (by South African standards) in its enduring 144 year history.  This history has resulted in a number of quirks which may seem a little odd to many, but are part and parcel of the place.

Hilton aims to be deeply traditional and refreshingly contemporary.  This necessitates much conversation among all stakeholders as to how this is achieved and celebrated.  The world has become a fast-changing place and young men of the future will need to be grounded in their person, with enduring values firmly established, such that they are in a position to embrace and conquer the challenges of the future.

At the heart of this goal is a plan for every boy who attends Hilton.  It is our endeavour to know every boy; to challenge him both individually and as a member of a team; to stretch him in his formulating his opinions and world-view; and to ensure he gives of his best consistently.  To this end, we have high expectations of each boy.  At the end of his years at Hilton College, he should be a determined, persistent and humble young man, ready to tackle the next phase of his life and equipped to make his mark in whatever he chooses to pursue.

Hilton College offers the promise of significance. 

At the gates to Hilton, the following is inscribed and it captures the heart of this place: “Enter these gates with humility, determined to contribute to, and to take advantage of, all that this institution offers, and depart knowing that you are well equipped to forge your future in the world.”


The sporting facilities are extensive: eight turf wickets, numerous Rugby and Hockey fields, two AstroTurf Hockey pitches, Tennis and Squash courts, a heated aquatics centre, a Golf practice range, a conditioning centre, and an indoor sports centre incorporating two Basketball courts and five impressive indoor Cricket nets.

At Hilton College, we strive to produce a gentleman who is an innovative critical thinker, displays personal mastery, moral and ethical conduct, grit/resilience, and who cares passionately about the environment and other people.

Entry in Grade 8 level is determined by the results of a Scholastic Assessment, a personal interview with the Headmaster and the Director of Marketing, a copy of the most recent school report and a confidential report from the applicant’s Head.Boys are admitted to Grades 9 to 11 (Forms 2 – 4) only if a place becomes available. Entry is determined by previous academic performance.


Registration may be completed at any time from the applicant’s birth onwards, preferably by no later than the end of his Grade 6 year. During the Grade 6 year the registered applicant and his parents are required to visit Hilton College for a relaxed, personal, one-on-one tour of Hilton and an interview with the Headmaster and the Director of Marketing.

The Arts Overview

Whether it’s learning a musical instrument, playing in ensembles, singing in choirs, performing in plays or discovering beauty in fine art, sculpture and ceramics, there is plenty of opportunity for creative expression at Hilton College. Indeed, our philosophy behind the arts is to provide opportunities for all to appreciate, many to participate in and the very best to excel.

Hilton College with its dedicated, enthusiastic staff and its extraordinary facilities and its positioning as the Midlands Cultural Hub boasts 25 years of hosting one of the premier cultural events in the South African calendar, the Hilton Arts Festival in which, for three days and nights, the school is a pulsing cultural feast attracting audiences from near and far.

At Hilton College sport is a part of our culture; sport is learning, sport is art and it is about finding the potential in every boy - because every boy was made to run and move and play. At Hilton College we believe coaches are mentors, team mates are allies and hard work is essential. We believe that every boy is part of the Hilton College team regardless of which team they play for and, because of this, we inspire boys to set their sights high and we provide the individual care each one needs to reach his goals. Utilizing world class coaching, sport science and facilities we give priority to core skill development, individualised conditioning programmes and instilling our sport culture - based on the respect of oneself, the team and the opposition.

Boarding at Hilton College

Fundamental to the ethos of Hilton College, is its status as an all-boarding school. As distinct from most other schools where boarding facilities may be available for some of the pupils, all Hilton College boys are full,termly boarders, which ensures the stability of a community in which all operate under the same set of rules. At the core of our philosophy and traditions is the conviction that the most appropriate environment for the holistic education of adolescent boys is an excellent boarding school. In the stimulating, caring and convivial atmosphere of Hilton, boys develop independence and the confidence which accompanies a real sense of self-worth.

Hilton parents remain crucial partners in the education of their sons. We actively support this partnership: parents are encouraged to visit regularly and to participate in activities; parents are included in important decisions affecting their sons; and parents are invited to work closely with us to ensure their sons' progress


Academic overview

"It is not what one knows but what one does with what one knows that is significant." (Anon)

In an age where Google has become a verb, knowledge has become a commodity available to all. At Hilton College we educate for sustainability by developing in our boys the ability and the desire:

  • To think critically, flexibly and creatively
  • To learn continuously
  • To work hard

We do this with a team of passionate and engaged teachers who are themselves lifelong learners. We make significant and meaningful use of technology as an enabler for teaching and learning. Cutting-edge strategies conversant with the latest research into learning and the brain guide and inform our practice.  We use our incomparable estate as an outdoor classroom. Fewer, longer lessons allow for greater engagement, promoting deeper learning. We pride ourselves on having a plan for each boy wherein we acknowledge and cater to his unique nature.  Lessons are engaging, compelling and varied.

At Hilton College we believe that to live is to learn.

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Admissions Overview

Hilton College is a non-denominational Christian College and Christian worship, values and principles are the foundation of College life. Hilton is amongst the oldest and best-known of the Independent Schools in South Africa. Established in 1872, the school is situated on a magnificent 1700-hectare estate in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), and its graceful Cape-Dutch architecture, extensive grounds and natural surroundings make it one of the most beautiful schools in the world. A portion of the estate is farmed commercially, and approximately 550 hectares have been declared a nature reserve, stocked with zebra, blue wildebeest, giraffe, impala and nyala.

The school is a unique residential campus that offers exceptional opportunities to the boys to develop leadership skills for a democratic South Africa.

Hilton College boys live in seven separate boarding Houses, ‘homes from home’, with Housemaster and Assistant Housemaster accommodation attached to each of the Houses. Parents are close partners with the school in caring for and nurturing their sons.

The school has a unique leadership program in which all Grade 12 boys actively participate in the management and leadership of the school. In addition, each Grade 12 leader is assigned a Grade 8 boy to mentor.


At the core of the Hilton ethos is a plan for EACH Hilton boy. Boys are encouraged to learn the value of hard work and practice. As a result, Hilton College’s academic record is an impressive and strong one. Hilton has long been established as one of the great sporting schools of South Africa and there are, in addition to this, vibrant drama and music courses as part of our Arts programme, as well as the environmental opportunities presented by the 1700-hectare estate.

Hilton College boys enjoy world-class facilities which include modern laboratories, a richly resourced complex of library, computer and audio-visual centres, counselling rooms, lecture theatres, an art gallery and a 550 seater theatre.

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