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Peninsula Grammar is an independent co-educational Anglican day and boarding school located in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.Founded in 1961, originally as a boys-only school and began enrolling girls from 1993.








About Peninsula School, Australia, Victoria

Peninsula Grammar is an independent co-educational Anglican day and boarding school located in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.Founded in 1961, originally as a boys-only school and began enrolling girls from 1993. The school is set on large hilly green fields overlooking Port Phillip Bay on the Mornington Peninsula. It is a member of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria. The school has a non-selective enrolment policy and currently caters for approximately 1,400 students from Pre-school to Year 12.The school won a statewide RACV Energy Breakthrough award in 2009, and was congratulated in Parliament for its Year 6 human-powered vehicle team.

The school has a compulsory Saturday sport program from Years 7 to 12 involving attendance of at least one training per week (two, depending on the sport) as well as having to participate in games on Saturdays. A medical certificate is required to gain an exemption from this.


When five residents of the Mornington Peninsula began talking of the need for a church associated boys’ school, there had been no new independent school in Melbourne for more than 50 years. The year was 1957 and the Mornington Peninsula was developing very rapidly, with hundreds of new families moving into the area.

The dream of a new school was shared by an ever-increasing group of dedicated and enthusiastic men and women. Countless meetings were held to garner support and fairly rapidly, the dream became reality.

On 5 February 1961 the builders moved out of the newly completed single block of classrooms and the teaching staff moved in, shifting furniture and books in for the next day, the first day of school. The School’s first Headmaster, the Rev. Dudley Clarke, who had an impressive ability to inspire commitment and effort in others, led the team of just eight Foundation Staff.

On 6 February 1961 a total of 86 students ranging in age from Prep to Year 8 arrived at their new school. More than 2,000 people attended the official opening of Peninsula Grammar, filling the enormous marquee that had been specially assembled for the day.

On that first day the Headmaster described the school community as pioneers working towards something new and important. There was a real sense of sharing in an exciting and worthwhile adventure.

Through thick and thin the Founders held on to their vision of a successful school that would provide a complete primary and secondary education for students on the Mornington Peninsula. The school thrived: by 1965 there were more than 400 students including the first group of Year 12 students and the very first Peninsula Grammar Prefects.

The Rev. Clarke left the school in 1971 after a decade of outstanding leadership. The second Headmaster, Mr Harry Macdonald, led the School with distinction for 20 years and saw it go from strength to strength. He retired in 1991 and in 1992 received the Order of Australia for his Outstanding Service to Education.

Mr Ray Hille was appointed Principal in 1992 and steered the School through a new era where technology became an integral part of the school day. In 1994 girls were enrolled for the first time and by 1999 the School had girls in every year level from the ECC to Year 12. Mr Hille retired in 2009 and in 2010 was awarded the Medal of Order of Australia (OAM) for Services to Education.

Mr Stuart Johnston, only the fourth Principal in the School’s history, commenced in 2010.

The hard work and vision of the Founders continues to inspire those who work at Peninsula Grammar.


Peninsula Grammar strives to provide the highest quality teachers who nurture and inspire students to reach for personal excellence.

Key characteristics of the school are its community spirit and its steadfast commitment to positive education. We aim to foster self belief and creativity in each child.

We believe our mission is best achieved in a coeducational environment, shaped by Christian faith that produces active and informed global citizens.


To be Australia’s number one co-educational, day and boarding school offering unsurpassed education and known around the world for our comprehensive and community environment.


Spirited Difference

Every school wants to believe that it offers something special, something just a little bit different from other schools. At Peninsula, we believe that we have a certain spirit, more than just camaraderie, which exists within the School. It’s a shared set of values and a sense of all working together that is hard to define in words. We’re not alone in this belief. Visitors to our School regularly comment on the congenial atmosphere on campus. This spirit encompasses all year levels and is the result of careful attention to a number of factors.

Peninsula follows sound Christian values. Whether or not you personally have a religious affiliation, the results, as shown by the behavior of our student body, attest to the value of inculcating these values in the routines of School life. Through the Pastoral Care and Tutor systems our teachers enjoy a close relationship with their students. They know them individually, ‘warts and all’. This personal knowledge gives them a much greater appreciation of what each student needs, educationally and socially.

Teachers endeavour to be available during non-class times to offer extra help should students need it. Students are encouraged to respect one another, the teachers and the School. Coeducational schooling promotes comfortable and healthy interaction between boys and girls. Our sub-school structure gives students of all ages their own space on campus.

These factors contribute to the creation of an environment that is safe for students to play, conducive for them to learn and encourages them to grow. We are justifiably proud of Peninsula and the well-rounded, well-educated, considerate and community-minded young people who constitute our past and present student body.



As custodians of the School we are entrusted with the health and wellbeing of our community and our institute. Sounds principles of leadership and governance underpin all that we do in striving to ensure the prosperity and longevity of our school for the benefit of current and future generations. In enacting our stewardship, we choose service to our community over self interest.


Our School motto Hold Fast To That Which Is Good underpins the moral and ethical principles by which we operate. We prize consistency of values and actions and are committed to always acting in a socially responsible and virtuous manner for the greater good of our community.

Coeducational learning

We are proudly coeducational. We offer a diverse, vibrant and challenging learning environment which promotes equality and fairness of opportunity. We believe that an integrated, coeducational approach best serves Australian society by promoting mutually respectful interactions between boys and girls in a safe, secure and rewarding environment.

Personal excellence

Our students are inspired and supported to develop their natural gifts and to become lifelong learners. We encourage students to understand that potential is best achieved through self reflection and the commitment to hard work. The School looks for opportunities to acknowledge individual improvement and personal best as well as celebrating those who achieve at the highest level.

Community spirit

We are a community in which a sense of affiliation and connectedness flourishes. We boast an enviable culture that is underpinned by acceptance, friendship and interdependence. An ethic of service abounds in our School family which helps account for the commonplace, selfless, individual and community actions that go to enriching the lives of others.

Christian faith

The School is founded on the Anglican tradition through which we are guided by God’s love and grace. Students are encouraged to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives and to embrace Christian principles. We are a diverse and inclusive community which welcomes international students and respects the beliefs of all faiths.



The Ansett Hall

The Ansett Hall is named in memory of Sir Reginald Ansett, Chairman of the School Board of Directors from 1964 until 1974. The Ansett Hall is the School's main auditorium and is regularly used for drama and musical performances as well as various assemblies.

Boarding Houses

There are two boarding houses on the campus, Jaffray House and Heather Reilly House, both providing our boarders with a caring home away from home. The resident boarding staff provide not only guidance but many extra-curricular activities outside school hours.

Jaffray House caters for over 50 boys from various parts of the world, while Heather Reilly House provides for our international female students. Senior boarders have their own rooms and access to special study facilities.

Arts, Design and Technology Centre

Amongst our Creative Arts facilities are Middle  and Senior Years Art Studios, Design & Technology Workshop and Studio, a 10-station darkroom as well as a Visual Communication & Design Studio.

Our senior students are given the opportunity to showcase their work at our annual Art Exhibition.

Lecture Theatre

The Lecture Theatre is an outstanding facility for our Senior School and models a tertiary learning environment. The Lecture Theatre is a wonderful venue for guest speakers, student meetings, debates and small performances. It is also the perfect place for students to hone their public speaking skills. The Lecture Theatre represents a typical university style setting, preparing our students for the next step in their education.

The H.A.Macdonald Pavilion

Our Pavilion overlooks the Harry Macdonald Sportsground and provides a base for the sports teams of our alumni, The Old Peninsula Students' Association (TOPSA).

In addition to being a wonderful multi-purpose facility, the upper level balcony provides a fantastic vantage point from which to watch football and cricket games. It is the site of many School functions and events including student reunions and parent social gatherings as well as providing an ideal venue for VCE exams. The lower level comprises shower and change rooms and a kiosk which is very well used during Saturday sports games.

Physical Education Centres

We boast 3 gymnasiums, 2 with adjoining heated swimming pools which are used all year round. Netball, basketball, badminton, gymnastics, table tennis, volleyball and many other sports are played here.

The Perry Building

The Perry Building is named after Mr Doug Perry who was Chairman of the School Board of Directors from 1991 until 1999. This award winning, environmentally friendly building was completed in 2007 and houses our Years 7 & 8 Middle Years students. The building has large rooms with wide corridors and stairways, welcoming foyers with couches for students to gather and a homely gas fireplace and television in its reception area.

Resource Centre

Peninsula Grammar Resource Centre is essential to our learning community, providing curriculum based resources for students and staff while also catering for the recreational reading needs of users.

The Senior Resource Centre provides a welcoming environment staffed by a qualified, professional, enthusiastic team which aims to promote and encourage a reading culture, a love of literacy and a life-long love of learning.

The Chapel of the Resurrection

The Chapel of the Resurrection is a beautiful place of peace and tranquillity with its stunning stained glass windows which were designed by a past student. It was consecrated in 1982 which was the School’s 21st year.

All students from Prep to Year 10 undertake Religious Education classes and can choose to attend an open service held in the Chapel every Friday. Local and School families make up the Chapel Congregation which meets for worship on Sundays. The Chapel is also used to celebrate weddings, christenings and funerals.

The Science Centre

The Science Centre is made up of two areas. The first is a Middle Years science centre with general science rooms as well as an informal learning area to enable some flexibility in the use of space and teaching and learning styles. The VCE Science centre contains specialist rooms for Chemistry, Physics and Biology each of which include a laboratory and a studio. These newly built laboratories and studios are all equipped with interactive white boards and sounds systems which allow the recording of lessons. The laboratories also have cameras which allow practical work to be recorded so that students who are absent are able to view the experiments and to allow all students to review these at home. The Science Centre is a place for students to explore the more theoretical aspects of the various branches of Science and to undertake exciting practical work in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Zammit Senior Centre

The Zammit Senior Centre overlooks our athletics track and North oval.  This new landmark building boasts 20 state-of-the-art classrooms and a cafeteria which seats 250 students and staff.

The building has a tertiary feel; with the corridors lined on one side by glass walled rooms and on the other by break-out spaces that will promote both collaborative and individual learning. A sizeable space has been devoted to a silent study area. Our Year 11 and Year 12 students have a wonderful facility in which to learn and study and from which they will be able to enjoy views which will extend out over Port Phillip Bay. 

The Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop is very popular with our students for lunches and counter sales. It also caters for special events such as International Week, French Day and Footy Days. The Tuck Shop offers a wide variety of delicious food with an increasing focus on healthy food alternatives such as juices, salads, yoghurt, fruit, wraps and sushi.

In addition to several permanent staff our School is fortunate to have many volunteers who staff the Tuckshop on a rotational basis.



Spirit to excel

We apply the philosophy of doing the very best we are able across all that we do.

Academic achievement is an important hallmark of success, but not the only one if we are to grow the whole person. The pursuit of excellence means different things to different students depending on their academic abilities and interests. At Peninsula, the number of ‘personal bests’ is of equal importance to us as the number of ATAR scores above 90. We rejoice in the success of those students who gain entry to the Medicine, Law or Arts faculties, just as we celebrate those who gain a pathway into the workforce as an apprentice. We support our students in finding paths that lead to personal fulfillment. 

Building self-esteem and resilience is important to the development of all children which is enabled through our program of Positive Psychology. The breadth of our co-curricular programs and House activities is such that all students are able to find some activity in which they can find enjoyment and success. Sport, Music and Drama opportunities abound at Peninsula.

Our personal development program flourishes in the Middle Years, giving students the opportunity to learn new skills whilst interacting with students of similar interest at different year levels. Over the three years, the students will participate in a range of activities, many of which they may otherwise not have experienced.

A brief look at the wide range of co-curricular programs offered at Peninsula will show you that we do stand by our promise to provide a well-rounded education for our students.

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