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Welham Boys School, Uttarakhand

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Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

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About Welham Boys School, Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand

Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall.

The first problem was that of finance and this was temporarily overcome when Ms. Oliphant’s mother offered her daughter financial assistance. Though the capital from her mother was by no means large, it was adequate to start the school and of great sentimental value, as it came from Welham, Ms. Oliphant’s childhood hood village. It was perhaps the same sentimental attachment that inspired her to name the school after her village.

In the year 1920, Ms. Oliphant came to India. From Delhi, she moved to Dehradun, a quiet town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was here that she resolved to start a preparatory school. The town had a pleasant climate and idyllic surroundings, and was an ideal place for children to grow up.

The first boy joined the School on 15th January 1937. By 1938, there were thirty boarders and twenty day scholars. In 1941, Class V was introduced. With the outbreak of the Second World War, numbers rose steadily and Welham found itself on a strong footing. Miss Oliphant’s dream of a kindergarten and Preparatory School for the children of India. In the early forties, the first school banner was carried at the School Games March Past. It bore the motto-‘From Strength to Strength’.

In the succeeding years, Welham came to be recognized as a Preparatory school and acquired several buildings and many more children. The school ensured that the children acquired a sound foundation in English. The boys’ individual requirements were attended to and talent explored. There was plenty of scope for self expression in drawing, painting, clay modeling, carpentry and craft.

In 1956, Ms. Oliphant donated all her assets to Welham Boys’ School Society which is presently administered by a Board of Trustees. Thanks to her vision and the efforts of the Principals who succeeded her, the School has carved a niche for itself in the world of school education. The Preparatory school she founded was elevated to the Plus Two stage of Secondary School education in 1985. The vintage buildings and the playing fields have been the training grounds where generations of youth have learned, played, cheered, won and lost many a game.

True to its motto, Welham Boys’ has grown into a full fledged institution, and today prepares boys for the C.B.S.E examination. It is a child friendly school which combines the best of traditions with a modern approach to learning.

Our Mission :

The Welham Boys' School aims at providing a positive learning environment, which encourages and empowers all its members to have a highly developed sense of responsible citizenship, which includes a deep sense of justice, an unshaken faith in secularism, an acute concern for our surroundings and an abiding belief in honesty and integrity.

It aspires to turn out individuals who are "multi-dimensional" in their interests, are excited about the pursuit of knowledge, have a broad world-view, can think out-of-the-box, and are "driven" in whatever they may choose to do.

Principal - GunmeetBindra



Spread over 30 acres, the Welham Boys’ School estate is a well wooded, lush, arboreal retreat, providing an ideal pastoral atmosphere conducive to a healthy learning environment. The flowering trees and shrubs attract over 60 recorded species of birds. With the Himalayas to the north and the Shivaliks covering the south, Welham Boys’ School lies in the heart of the Doon valley by the river Rispana.

In recent years Welham Boys’ School has been concentrating on upgrading its existing infrastructure so that in keeping with the times, we can provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities, which indeed we have done in many areas. For the near future there are many innovative projects in the pipeline.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC) :This houses the Reading Room, Audio Visual Room and the Gallery on the ground floor and the Reference Section and Borrowing section, the English Language Lab and the Art Department including the Design Technology Workshop on the first floor.

Senior and Middle School :This area of the campus comprises the Seven Seas and Seven Oaks Blocks, Khadimali Block, Hughes Block and Riverside Block. These buildings house all the classrooms, laboratories, staff room, offices of the Senior Management Team and others, the stationery store and the server room.

Junior School :The Whitehouse is a beautiful heritage building where the junior school classes, library, offices, staff room, music room and junior IT room are located. WBS as it majestically stands today had its humble beginnings from this cottage that Ms Oliphant, our Founder bought and converted into a preparatory school.

Hostels : Welham Boys’ School has four Senior Houses viz. Cauvery A, Ganga A, Jamuna A and Krishna A, four Middle School Houses viz. Cauvery B, Ganga B, Jamuna B and Krishna B, and three Junior School Houses viz. Narmada, Rispana and Oliphant.

  • Triveni is home for the Cauvery House and faces the Main Field.
  • Shikhar, the newest of the hostel blocks, comprises of two parts, each accommodating the studentsofGanga and Jamuna Houses. This block is situated between the Activity Centre and Squash Courts.
  • Krishna is one of the four senior houses and is situated in the north western corner of the estate, behind Bethany and the kitchen block, whereas Krishna B is located beside the Hospital and the Barber Shop.
  • The Rispana and Narmada Houses are on the eastern side of the Main Field and the Oliphant House is adjacent to the Whitehouse.

Play Fields and Courts :The Main Field and the Lower Field form the heart of sports activities for the Welham boys. Apart from these, there is the Orchard Field next to the Whitehouse, tennis courts behind Bethany, two outdoor and one indoor basketball courts, a skating rink, squash courts and a volleyball court.

Activity Centre :The Activity Centre, a spacious multipurpose hall, is the venue for most of the main functions of the school, be it plays, stage shows, debates, quizzes, and a variety of other activities like basketball, badminton and table tennis. The Centre, apart from being fitted with high quality sound equipment, has a state-of-the-art terraflex basketball court , a Shooting Range and a well equipped Gymnasium. The Tuck Shop is also situated here.

Office Block :The Office Block houses all the offices, the Accounts, Purchase Departments, the Admissions, Journey and Dispatch Offices. The Canara Bank, WBS branch is also housed in this block.

Bethany :Bethany is the dining hall where the entire school, takes their meals. Delicious, hot, nutritionally balanced and a variety of cuisines are dished out of a very modern and well equipped kitchen. Strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained the Bethany.

Hospital :The Welham Boys’ School Hospital is probably one of the best that any school could desire. The hospital has a minor Operation Theatre with a defibrillator, pulse oxymeter, cardiac monitor, an 18-bed general ward, a 5-bed isolation ward, a dining room, a medical store, a record section and a visitor’s lounge. Recently the Hospital has grown in size with the addition of an annexe that houses the new Physiotherapy Centre. Now students suffering from injuries from games and sporting activities do not have to leave the campus for treatment.

Health Care : The School has a 20 bed hospital, an isolation ward with beds and a minor O.T. managed by a full time Resident Doctor, a trained nurse and a compounder. Facilities for nursing of ordinary ailments and accidents are available round the clock, as are the services of an ambulance. Growth and development of the children is monitored very closely, their diet is constantly reviewed and revised when necessary. Vaccinations and other prophylaxis are also administered in accordance with the national health recommendations. Workshops on Health, Hygiene, Stress management and Adolescence problems are conducted.

Overview : Boarding life at Welham, provides a secure and supportive environment for students. Comfortable accommodation and vibrant environment in the hostels gives the students a sense of homeliness and a feeling of belonging.

On joining, the boys settle into a busy and rewarding routine. The hostel is an extension of home, providing warmth and opportunities for students to grow into individual personalities. The boarding very soon becomes the students’ second home.

The friendships made in the boarding environment are strong and long lasting.

A very well trained and experienced team of Housemasters, Housemothers and Tutors supervise and facilitate the students in the process of becoming self reliant.

The Tutor is a bridge between a child’s academic and boarding life. Tutors and tutees sit together for meals, conduct regular meetings and travel together for Mid- Term Excursions. A Tutor is truly a foster parent, and is involved with all facets of a tutee’s life, devoting time towards their happiness and well being.



Program :

Proficiency Assessment for different classes are conducted in the following months every year:

  • Classes IV & V - October / November
  • Classes VI, VII, VIII & IX - January
  • Class XI – April & May

Age Restrictions as on 1st April of the year of joining are as follows:

  • Class IV - Between 8 years to 9 years
  • Class VII - Between 11 years to 12 years
  • Class XI - Between 15 years to 16 years

Infrastructure / Facilities

Hospital / Medical Facilities
Wi-Fi Campus
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Reviews (5)

  • Mahendar Sharma | 09-Dec-2015
    The school got a tremendous way of teaching we can see the improvement in our son. We are thankful to all the teaching and non teaching staffs of welham boys.
  • Amit Kumar Singh | 09-Dec-2015
    Welham Boys is a completely boys boarding school with an aim to provide positive learning environment. Students teacher ratios are very ideal; all the staffs are very concern in the growth and development of students on a personal basis.
  • Rashid Ali | 31-Oct-2015
    Welham Boys School is finest & oldest boys school of India with a track record of making responsible citizen and entrepreneur. Welham has its own credential in nurturing the students in the most appropriate way.
  • Kumar Gaurav | 14-Oct-2015
    Welham Boys is one of the oldest and most reputed boarding school of India, having a history of creating renowned personality in their respective areas. They groom every child in such a way where their inner talent and quality suppose to shine. One of the most important thing I liked about Welham is they have in-house facility of medical emergency and a permanent doctor to handle the situation.
  • Aishwarya Bhattacharya | 14-Oct-2015
    Welham Boys school is spread in a big 30 acres campus area surrounded by the most beautiful natural beauty, fully equipped with all the amenities to provide a healthy education in a healthy environment. Being as a parents if you are looking for the right boarding school for your son, it is the right place.