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The International School of Penang, Malaysia

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About The International School of Penang, Malaysia, Penang

The International School of Penang (Uplands) (ISP), commonly known as Uplands School or simply Uplands by its members (called Uplanders), is one of the International Schools in Penang, Malaysia. Founded in 1955, it was first situated on Penang Hill, moving to Gurney Drive and finally Batu Ferringhi in 2006.

The Prefect System

There are two levels of student leadership at Uplands, one of which is the Prefect System. In the spirit of the school motto, “Respect for Self. Respect for Others”. Our Prefect System serves three major purposes:

It promotes the smooth running of the school by assisting the staff in their supervisory duties, covering such things as:

  • checking that students wear the regulation school uniform correctly
  • controlling entry of students into the refectory at lunchtime to minimize congestion
  • encouraging students not to leave litter
  • preventing dangerous play or any behaviour likely to cause injury or damage
  • discouraging anti-social behaviour

It allows the senior students to demonstrate their maturity and sense of responsibility and provides opportunities for them to contribute to the school

It allows the senior students to develop the leadership qualities that they possess

The Prefects are elected by the staff in consultation with students in March of each year. They take up their duties in Term III so that the out-going Prefects can focus their attention on the examinations. Each year 16 Prefects are elected (usually 8 boys and 8 girls). A further ballot is held to elect the Head Boy and the Head Girl.

As well as their regular duties, on special occasions such as Presentation Day and Parent / Teacher Evenings, the Prefects assist in the smooth running of these events.

Why Uplands?

At Uplands, we go beyond understanding the world as it is. We endeavor to live our mission statement by creating an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self and respect for others are strongly held.

DEDICATED TEACHERS: Well qualified teachers. 710 students. Where else would you get a more favourable teacher-student ratio.

INTERESTING SUBJECTS: All the subjects you know. But what about Design and Technology or Film Studies? Plus you can choose from Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese!

EXCELLENT FACILITIES: Swimming pool, astro-turf football field, sports hall, 2 libraries, 5 science labs, 4 IT labs, music room, drama studios, technology workshops.

A WIDE RANGE OF ACTIVITIES: Kayaking, woodwork, rock bands, film club, choir, sculpting, Tae Kwon Do, Chinese calligraphy, yoga, hip hop dancing, orchestra, wushu, Amnesty International, and more!

ENJOYABLE SPORTS: Our wide range of sports includes athletics, table tennis, swimming, football, badminton, touch-rugby, basketball, softball and more.

GREAT TRIPS OUT: Ski in Japan, see the sights of China, international theatre, FOBISIA Sports, FOBISIA Music, field trips and outward-bound.

UPLANDS STUDENT COUNCIL: Have a voice on the students’ own representative body, raise money for charity, help design your uniform, organise discos, have your say when it comes to the annual School Prom

MODEL UNITED NATIONS: Learn international diplomacy, public speaking, debating, note-taking, negotiating, conflict resolution, learn to be your own person and meet students and teachers from other international schools in the South East Asian region.

INTERNATIONAL AWARDS SCHEME : Based on the UK’s Duke of Edinburgh Awards, it does not matter where you’re from, the bronze (aged 14+), silver (15+) and gold (16 +) is a personal programme of adventure. Learn to respect yourself and others, and feel a new sense of belonging and purpose!



Our students are housed in family style accommodation in a secure family centred housing area in Batu Feringgi. The area is quiet and located a walking distance from the school.


The International School of Penang (Uplands) is one of the leading boarding schools in Malaysia. Boarding at Uplands is set up to allow students to stay either as weekly boarders (if their families live nearby but do not want to subject their child to a long daily commute to and from school), or as term boarders. Term boarders are the most common because the students enjoy staying on weekends with their school friends to participate in activities and entertainment that they do not get to do during the week.

The students are housed in family style accommodation in a secure gated community in Batu Feringgi. The area is quiet and located within walking distance from the school. Nonetheless, the students are transported by bus to and from school for their lessons, meals, evening supervised study and extra-curricular activities.

Each house accommodates 6 students from Year 7 to Year 13. As students’ progress towards Year 13 (second year of IB), they become more independent and are encouraged to take on more decision making responsibilities in preparation for when they leave for Universities all over the world.


The boarding facility provides the students with a furnished room that is cleaned daily, their laundry is washed and their study supervised to encourage good academic performance.

Matrons are employed to make the accommodation homely for the students. When on duty, a matron is available to the students 24-hours a day. She marks them out when they leave for school, ensures their uniform is appropriate, stores their laptops and mobiles safely while they are away and checks the students in when they return. She accompanies the younger ones for trips to the market or mall for shopping and attends their mealtimes, talks with them and links them to their parents should they need to call or make arrangements to travel home.

In addition, a House Parent, who is a teacher at Uplands, also lives nearby and offers both academic and pastoral guidance to the student. They handle pocket money and supervise the students’ after-school and weekend activities.


Boarding students live and learn from each other by bringing together different cultures, religions and ethnicities. Boarding students have great opportunities to further their education out of the classroom, with the following, making your investment in their education holistic as well as relevant for the 21st century:

  • Supervised study sessions in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Access to academic staff after school hours when requested.
  • After school activities programs offering diverse activities.
  • Boarding activities program promoting healthy interaction with others.
  • The use of excellent school facilities outside of school hours.
  • Outdoor, cultural, arts and shopping trips offered each weekend.

In many ways, boarding gives children the opportunity to develop in their own space, away from the family and to gain independence in a secure and structured environment. Children broaden their horizons; learn important skills and social and human values that complement their academic development. Thus Uplands Boarding presents an ideal opportunity for your child to be independent and self-confident. This confidence will be with them for the rest of their lives.



Curriculum at The International School of Penang, Malaysia


The curriculum at The International School of Penang (Uplands) is designed to offer an international education. Qualities and characteristics are drawn from various national curricula, supported and promoted through the experience and motivation of highly-qualified staff.


Uplands offers a broad array of courses designed to give students a solid foundation for lifelong learning. At upper secondary level, students will undertake the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)IGCSE syllabus taught by experienced international teachers.


We are grooming students to be global leaders via our IB program. Reserved for students between the ages of 16 and 19, Uplands, as a key international school in Penang, has one of the best IB Diploma Programmes in South East Asia.

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