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Boarding Schools in New Jersey
In the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, New Jersey is located. It is bordered by New York on the north and east, by the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast and south, by Pennsylvania on the west, and by Delaware on the southwest. New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state. Of the 50 United States, New Jersey is the 11th-most populous and the most densely populated state. New Jersey is located within the combined statistical areas of New York City and Philadelphia. As of 2014, it is the second-wealthiest U.S. state by per capita income. Based on natural geography and population, New Jersey can be thought of as five regions. Northeastern New Jersey, the Gateway Region, lies closest to Manhattan in New York City, and up to a million peoples commute daily into the city to work via automobile or mass transit. The state experiences two climatic conditions; the south, central, and northeast parts of the state have a humid subtropical climate, while the northwest has a humid continental climate (microthermal), with much cooler temperatures due to higher elevation.

Education in New Jersey
According to the U S Department of Education in 2003, 17% of New Jersey's population lacked basic prose literacy skills (8th grade reading level) compared to 14.7% nationally. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJ DOE) manages state and federal aid programs, influencing 1.4 million public and non-public elementary and secondary school students in the state of New Jersey. Headquarter of the department is located in the Judge Robert L. Carter Building in Trenton. The Department is responsible for ensuring that local schools comply with state and federal laws and regulations. Pupil transportation services and directs education programs for adults and for persons who are handicapped, disadvantaged or foreign-born are overseen by the Department.

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City Wise Boarding Schools in New Jersey

Boarding Schools in New Jersey

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